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Studies on microbial dissolution of silicates and its effect on growth and yield responses of rice. Diagnosis of osteoporosis and its fracture risk assessment using computer aided methods and quantitative ultrasound. Imaging and Image Processing in evaluation of Breast Cancer in Human subjects and laboratory animals.

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Digital dental panoramic radiograph for assessment of low bone mineral density: A comparison with DNA. Comparison of heuristic analytical hierarchical process, Artificial Neural Network and frequency models for landslide susceptibility mapping in Kothagiri Taluk Southern India. Assessment of selected water quality parameters and spatial variation of inland lakes with improved algorithms using multi and hyper spectral data. An integrated geospatial approach for impact assessment and management of solid waste in Kancheepuram Municipality. Assessment of ground water quality and evaluation of untreated and treated Sago effluent in Rasipuram taluk, Namakkal district,Taminadu,India.

Organic ligand assisted chemical synthesis of ZNSE nanostructures and their functional properties. Growth and morphological studies of carbon nano structures deposited by radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and a study on magnetic properties. Studies on the growth aspects and Characterization of some alkali and amino acids based semiorganic Nonlinear optical single crystals. Studies on growth aspects and physico chemical properties of some organic nonlinear optical single crystals.

Studies on structural morphological and magnetic properties of ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by surfactant-assisted methods with extension focused on photocatalytic applications. Synthesis and characterization of coupled metal oxide nanostructured compounds and their photo catalytic activity under light irradiation.

Investigation of growth and functional properties of TiO2:Nanostructures for dye sensitized solar cell applications. Studies on atmospheric aerosols and their effects on short wave radiative forcing over a sub urban coastal environment. Spectroscopic characterization, dielectric studies and biological activities of potentially important organic compounds.

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Study on spatio-temporal characteristics of South west monsoon over India using satellite and conventional data. Certificateless message authentication protocol using pseudo ID and hash chain techniques for scalable vanets. An approach and analysis of a conceptual defense structure employing cloud computing in military applications. An extensive analysis of hash tables and tries on real and virtual environments for improving the effectiveness of string dictionary.

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A study on quality enhancement of composite web services in service oriented architecture using certain selection techniques. Design of gesture based framework and analysis of patterns in touch enabled mobile devices for visuall impaired persons.

Energy efficient protocols using modified clustering and multi-sectoring approaches in wireless sensor network. Study of probiotic and antibacterial activity and Molecular characterization of Lactobacilus strains isolated from Human Breast Milk.


Molecular and seroepidemiological typing of water borne pathogens — toxin producing Escherichia coli and rota virus in children. Molecular epidemiology and genetic characterization of influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial viruses in chennai during screening for antiviral activity of adathoda vasica. Investigation on the surface characteristics of grinding and EDM processes using carbon Nanotubes.

Experimental investigations on subcooling and heat transfer environment during solidification process in a spherical capsule for cool thermal energy storage system. Thamilagathin Varuvai Sanga Kalam thodanki Ki. Moore Ssp. Laurina Retz. Analytical Method development and validation for selected drug combinations Pharmaceutical formulations. Cytochrome Pmediated Pharmacokinetic drug interaction potential of Menoact — A novel Polyherbal formulation for the management of menopausal symtons. Comparative pharmacognostical phytochemical In vitro screening of antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of Monochoria species.

Role of a polyherbal formulation in the prevention and management of Type -2 Diabetes Mellitus associated vascular complications. Prevention and management of Neuropaychiatric and Cardiovascular complications among menopausal women by a Polyherbal formulation. Prevention and management of age related Nuerodegenerative disorders with special reference to Senile dementia of Alzhelmer"s type by a polyherbal formulations. Development of fast dissolving tablets of calcium channel blockers using solid dispersion technology. Robust protective relay setting and coordination using adaptive differential evolution in power system.

Cogging torque reduction in brushless dc motor by shaping of rotor magnets and modifying stator slots. Ingenious space vector PWM schemes for performance enhancement of three phase neutral point diode clamped multilevel inverter drives. Performance enhancement of standalone photovoltaic systems and ingenious power extraction schemes for inhomogeneous irradiation. Remediation of communication disorder s in English of the slow learners in VI standard under conventional and activity centered methods of teaching. Construction Industry in Kuwait: An analysis on E-procurement adoption with respect to commodity, buyer and supplier dimensions.

CPM in mobile Telecom Services: A study on the impact of service quality, service loyalty and loyalty indices on the performance of the service providers. Impacts of antidumping laws and practices on international trade: A comparative study of India and US. Work life balance of female Nurses in private tertiary hospitals- With reference to Chennai District".

Determinants of churn behavior of customers' prepaid mobile services with special reference to Tamilnadu. Evaluation of supply chain management practices — A comparative study of organized and unorganized retailers. Assessment of service quality relationship with customer satisfaction and behavioral initiation in diabetes hospitals.

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A study of factors influencing employabilityof rural graduates in Kancheepura,Vellore,Thiruvannamalai and Dharmapuri Districts of Tamilnadu. Impact of Human Resource Audit practices on the performance of Employees. Astudy of IT Professionals in Chennai. Analysis of fruits and vegetables wastages in supply chain from farm gate to retail outlets in Tamilnadu. Manifestation of Financial inclusion among the small and marginal farmers in Theni District, Tamil Nadu. The influence of participative and empowering leadership styles on the employees' commitment to service quality. Awareness, usage patterns, factors influencing usage and impediments of technology enabled services of banks in Chennai.

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Impact of Yoga on emotional intelligence, work life balance and quality of life satisfaction among working professionals in Chennai. Neutralization techniques and intention to violate: A behavioral study on information systems security policy violation by employees. Neutralization techniques and intention to violate: a behavioral study on information systems security policy violations by employees.

Synthesis, characterization and Biological activities of some novel Tetrazolo and Triazolodiazepine derivatives.

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Synthesis and characterization of Polymer composites for anticorrosive coating and gas sensing applications. Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of some novel tetrazole derivatives. Synthesis, Spectral characterization and Biological activities of novel Quinoline and Indole derivatives. Effect of addition of refractory chemicals on the performance of cement mortar at elevated temperature.

Electrochemical studies for the detection of Aromatic compound using DNA based multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified graphite electrode. Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of new benzimidazole,benzoxazole,imidazole and tetrazole derivatives.

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In-vitro evaluation isolation and characterization of Hypoglycemic compound 4Z, 12Z - Cyclopentandecaone from an Indian medicinal plant Grewia Hirsuta and its molecular docking studies. Studies on the development, characterization and corrosion resistance of nano zinc phosphate coatings on mild steel. Synthesis ,characterization and Biological evaluation of new Manich base series and their metal complexes. Vibrational Spectroscopy studies, Molecular Structure and biological activities of Triazine and Sulphonamide derivatives.

Study on enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of some Biopharmacheutics classification system 9BCS class II molecules using different scientific applications. The impact of religious conflicts on women, children and minorities:A study of select contemporary novels.

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Study to assess the prevalence of stroke and implementation of community based occupational therapy for stroke clients in the Kattankulathur block. Design, development and characterization of exponentially tapered slot antennas for 60 ghz wireless communications. Performance investigations of substrate integrated waveguide based antipodal linear tapered slot antenna for 60 ghz. Optimization of parameters for MEMS accelerometer with combination of artificial bee colony ABC algorithm and particle swarm optimi9zation.

Prevalence of Anemia and Iron deficiency anemia in pre-school and school children in Kattankulathur area.