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The first, with Saturn on January 12, teaches you to take more responsibility for your thoughts and words, being mindful of their power to create or destroy. As this conjunction follows just two days after a lunar eclipse in Cancer, unconscious beliefs picked up from your family or culture may also be coming up for review. The other big Capricorn conjunction, between Jupiter and Pluto, repeats three times throughout the year.

The second, on June 29, falls right in the middle of eclipse season solar in Cancer June 20, lunar in Capricorn July 4 and Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Throughout the year, a sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces exact February 20, July 27, October 12 helps to unlock intuitive, creative solutions to problems your intellect alone has failed to crack. Year of Stop making sense, Scorpio!

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Things get weird early, when planets transiting Aquarius—your fourth house of emotions—square Uranus Mercury and the sun in January, Mars in April. And chances are, that added element of uncertainty makes them hotter than ever—especially in March, when Venus is also in Taurus! The eighth, with Venus conjunct Uranus and the sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, is a perfect day to rekindle your romance.

They have to be accountable for their actions, and some things are too pricey in this life. Instead, Scorpios should take a step back and be more mature.

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  • Professionally, while mistakes are acceptable sometimes, persisting in failure is akin to stupidity. They need to demonstrate their worth both to themselves and to others, and this starts with a single step towards their goals. Scorpio people will have very good family relationship this year, mainly because of Jupiter sending down healing energy.

    Some health problems might arise from time to time though. The beginning of the year presents many conflicting situations within the family or couple. Instead of falling to an agreement, they keep on persisting on their different opinions. Scorpios have to find the common ground and pacify everyone. When it comes to family, there are certain things you should put more focus on.

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    The latter part of the year finds these natives traveling to other countries, either with work interests or on personal vacations. Planet Saturn makes all of this possible.


    In fact, traveling with a family is encouraged this year. However, these Scorpios won't do well with risky endeavors and challenges this year. It would be better to stay away from them, otherwise, they'll lose themselves. If they still want to pursue higher goals, they need to become disciplined, accountable, and responsible. If they make a plan, they need to follow it point by point and avoid deviating from it no matter what happens. By Denise on , views. Check Scorpio November Monthly Horoscope.

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    About the author. See profile. Ideas will be numerous, you change, almost without your knowledge, your way of thinking. Pluto, your master, in Capricorn, continues to upset this sector by a beautiful aspect to your sun, second and third decans.

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For January 2020

    Mars, your second master, largely illuminates the pecuniary sector. Issues related to your assets are also on the agenda. Neptune, always brings to your loves and your children, part of a dream or of an illusion. Insightful like you are, it is probable that you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    The first decan receives the influx of Uranus into Taurus, facing your Sun, and induces changes coming from your partner or associates. Love in General: Until the 14th, Venus brings her sweetness, her grace to your family life.

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    Then, it is the love sector that will receive the beautiful suggestion that your affections should live well. Romanticism, idealism, enough to nurture your passionate nature. However, Uranus reserves its share of surprises as by way of unforeseeable events. You do not like surprises that escape you, get ready! In a relationship: If your relationship is working well then you are protected by powerful planets in beautiful aspect.